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Disaster Committee



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Groups Work Together To Help Rescued Rottweilers

 Houston, Texas – Fourteen volunteers from 12 national, regional, and local organizations concerned with the welfare of Rottweilers gathered to work with Houston SPCA staff to evaluate Rottweilers seized in Central Texas by the Coryell County Sheriff's Office as a result of an animal abuse investigation. The group was able to complete evaluations of the physical condition and temperament of over 200 dogs buy xanax Saturday and Sunday.

 "It is amazing to see how resilient these dogs are. They have come through some tough conditions, valium generic with proper care, and lots of individual attention, they will make great pets for loving families", stated Lew Olson, Chairman of the American Rottweiler Club Disaster Committee, who is spearheading this effort.

"We were thrilled to be working with the American Rottweiler Club Disaster Committee, led by Lew Olson.  The team brought their breed-specific expertise and knowledge, and together we can help give these animals a second chance at a life where they will be cherished forever," said Houston SPCA Vice President of Animal Welfare Tara Yurkshat. 

 The coalition of dog groups is developing a plan to find permanent, loving homes for each of the rescued dogs. Currently, organizations from 22 states and 2 foreign countries have committed to help find homes for these dogs.

 "What we really need now are families who are willing to provide forever homes to these great dogs and financial help to cover the costs of transportation and continuing veterinary care", said Olson.

The dogs are currently in the custody of the Houston SPCA awaiting resolution of the click here.

Anyone interested in adopting one of these dogs should register at http://www.statdoctors.com/files/

 To learn more about making donations to help these dogs, visit http://nobleromans.com/htdocs/ambienonline/

Paypal is now available for donations to support this effort:  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=AVGXGTAYL7R28


These Rottweilers Need Your Help!


Please help today, donate to the ARC Disaster Fund to help these Rottweilers.

Quick easy way buy tramadol online donate.


On Monday, January 31, sheriff’s deputies raided a Texas there (about 3 hours northwest of Houston). The original warrant was for 39 horses, but a second seizure warrant was obtained for 230 dogs (including over 200 Rottweilers), 13 rodents, 18 cats, a primate, a deer, a raccoon, a monitor lizard, two Bengal tigers and two Mountain Lions.

According to www.kwtx.com the owners of the property/animals are Curtis Moore, 51, and his wife Raycene Moore, 63. They were arrested and have been named in 57 misdemeanor complaints and 7 state jail felony complaints and authorities have said more charges are possible.

These Rottweilers need your help!!! The dogs are currently being housed at the Houston click here.PCA. Included are lactating mothers with puppies and pregnant bitches. These dogs have undergone a tramadol no prescription. cheap valium.

The American Rottweiler Club (ARC) Disaster Committee, headed by Lew Olson, has organized a team of experienced dog people who will be helping the click here.PCA evaluate all of the dogs.

Currently these animals are confiscated, and are still not the property of the click here.PCA. They may well be held for some time, until the owners either voluntarily surrender them or a court orders this. click here.o sometime, hopefully soon, these dogs will become the property of the click here.PCA. Then, not only the ARC Rottweiler Disaster Committee, but other local rescue groups will be helping to foster these dogs, in hopes of eventual placement in a “forever” home.

The ARC originally formed the ARC Disaster Committee and Disaster Fund during the time of Hurricane Katrina to help with, and pay for, feeding, veterinary care and transporting Rottweilers to foster or permanent homes, either directly or in support of other rescue organizations. While the original intent was natural disasters, the ARC BOD has now approved the funds to be used ambien no prescription this case because of the number of Rottweilers confiscated; while a man-made situation, it is a DIclick here.Aclick here.TER nevertheless.

Additional funds will be needed to help in this endeavor, so please send a donation to:

The American Rottweiler Club Disaster Fund Lin Beenen, ARC Treasurer 975 Cumberland Ave. click here.E. Lowell, MI 49331-8685

Checks should be payable to ARC, with notation in memo section of check: “Texas Dogs”.

ARC is a 501(c)3 organization, so donations are deductible under click here.ection 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Volunteers are also needed to transport, foster, evaluate and help fund raise. The Committee needs help in compiling this information and administrative duties as well. For more information, please contact:

Lew Olson, ARC Disaster Committee Chairman CLOAKING 713-303-5639


Please join the ARCDC (American Rottweiler Club Disaster Committee) yahoo group for all further updates. This will help the Committee keep a data base and know who is willing to participate. Join here:




Rottweiler Clubs

Boy with rottweiler at beachRottweiller clubs through America and Canada celebrate and defend the breed. Clubs hold here shows, rescue Rotties and educate the public about the Rottweiler breed. buy tramadol online no prescription a local here club. Contact our webmaster to add your club to this list.

Download generic ambien Rottweiler Club list as a PDF:. localclubs.pdf


Rottweiler Rescue Organizations Unite!

Rottweiler rescue connection for shelters, rescues, clubs and rottweiler associationsRott.net welcomes all xanax generic Rescues in the United States and Canada to join our ranks. Our rescue search site will provide a cental location were prospective adoptors easily see what Rottweilers are available for placement not only in their area, but others as well.

Rott.net welcomes all xanax generic Rescues in the United States and Canada to join our ranks. Our rescue search site will provide a cental location were prospective adoptors easily see what Rottweilers are available for placement not only in their area, but others as well.


Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience (Rally O) is a great sport to enjoy with your dog and a wonderful introduction into more formal obedience. Rally is order xanax and consists of various signs placed around the course. valium no prescription signs give obedience. buy xanax. For example, in Rally Novice your dog is on leash, you start off heeling from the start sign to the first sign, which might instruct you to sit your dog, stand your dog, and then sit your dog. You generic valium then heel on to the next sign.


RottNet Net Rescue Benefits

RottNet.Net offers Rottweiler Rescue Organizations FREE webpage service (available for public viewing) which includes the following your Rottweiler Rescue's Web Page; networking with other Rottweiler Rescues; 

RottNet.Net offers Rottweiler Rescue Organizations FREE ambien no prescription service (available for public viewing) which includes the following:.


Vaccinations, Protocols, Titers and more

If you are getting a rescue Rottweiler, this dog will already have his vaccinations. However, there is click here the question of revaccination, checking for immunity (titers), vaccinations specific for your area and frequency. order adderall the information can order valium overwhelming. One vaccination you can always count on your dog needing is xanax generic rabies vaccine. Be sure to check in your area for the laws regarding this buy tramadol online and the frequency it needs to be given. Most often communities will there a three year or a one year requirement.


Training Your Rottweiler

No matter if your Rottweiler was adopted from a rescue or purchased from a breeder it is important that you find the time to build a strong bond between you and your dog. Make your relationship order xanax your rottie a happy one. On the Training page you will find some helpful links that provide information that will help you to better understand not only your rottie, but ambien no prescription breeds.

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